Monday, November 30, 2009

Pet Protection Spell

While it is important to work carefully with your totem animals, it is also important to remember your pets. This spell will help protect your animal friends on the physical plane.

For EACH animal you will need:

1 six-inch square piece of black felt fabric paints
a clipping of hair or stray feathers from your pet
2 teaspoons dried cedar
1 bay leaf
2 teaspoons catnip (even if you have a dog)
1 teaspoon comfrey
1/4 teaspoon dried garlic
1 teaspoon heather
Protection or Guardian oil (below)
Needle and thread

On what will be the outside of the charm bag paint your pet's name and these runes: Algiz, Koad; the forest rune; the pentacle and the goddess rune. let dry. Fold the felt in half (painted side in) and sew two sides of it, leaving one open. Reverse the bag so the painted side is facing out. Raise energy on the herbs then powder and pour into the pouch. Add the clipping of pet hair, then stuff the rest with cotton to which you have added a few drops of the oil. Finish sewing the pouch. Cast a circle, invoke the elements and the lord and lady. Say:

O gracious Lord and Lady,
Protector of all creatures who walk upon this earth.
Guard my (pet's species and name) against harm and illness.
Watch over him/her with every step he/she takes.
Help me protect him/her and strengthen the connection of love between us.
Let this charm be blessed, to hold the energy of protection.
Blessed be.

Keep the charm bags in a safe place, perhaps on your altar, where the animal can't get to it. Renew this charm every six months.

Remember: the best protection for your animals is to keep them inside, to keep their vaccinations current, and to give them plenty of love, food, and clean water.

Protection Oil: Yasmine Galenorn-Embracing the Moon:

This is a good oil to select for your candle of protection when you are concerned with physical, as opposed to psychic attack. It can also be used to anoint yourself before you leave on a journey or undertake a potentially hazardous situation.

1/2 ounce olive oil
6 drops rose geranium oil
15 drops lemon oil
4 drops citronella oil
8 drops lavender oil
flower: lavender
drops cajupet oil (did not specify how many)
gem: clear quartz

Guardian Oil:

1/2 ounce olive oil
5 drops pennyroyal oil
15 drops lemon oil
10 drops rosewood oil
10 drops clove oil
flower: rose
15 drops patchouli oil
Gems: carnelian, citrine

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