Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Dream of Future Lover (Valentine's Day Spell)

Items Needed:

3 White candy-coated almonds
When to do spell:
Valentine's Day Eve (Feb. 13th)

Long ago, this day was considered a very magical one. Traditionally, this was believed to be the day when the birds would begin to sing again. It was also known as St. Valentine's Eve. Foods associated with romance were prepared and at night, many people performed rituals to induce prophetic dreams, hoping to see a future lover. The dream spell which follows is very old and perfect for this day. Before going to sleep, place three white-candy coated almonds beneath your pillow. Concentrate as you say:

Almonds, symbol of love and fertility,
Let me see who my lover will be.

Without thinking of anyone specific, go to sleep. Sweet dreams.

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