Friday, May 7, 2010

A Free Luck Spell

wondering magic bring to me, with this luck in life I need,
so all my angles can be seen, and in the future fulfill my dreams,
combined earth and fire, bring forth my hearts desire,
guardians of the sea, keep all harm from me.
This should be done while lighting 4 candles 1 at each side of you repeat the
above words 3 times to bring good luck and obtain your hearts desire.

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Magic Love Spells

You have to use the 4th Venus pentacle in The Key of Solomon. Write it on paper (after ceansing it) or copper and perform the rituals that are mentioned in the book.
After that, you will have to put it in a green silk bag and wear it around your neck. When you meet the girl (boy) you desire, just show it to her (him). This will make her (him) fall helplessley in [love] with you!

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Simple Love Spell by Witches Corner

A Simple White Candle Love Spell
The following love spell using a white candle is very easy to perform:

You need a virgin white candle that is thick enough to inscribe. A four inch alter style candle works well as it is easy to inscribe and small enough to watch as it burns completely away.
Place the candle in a candle holder on your alter. If you do not have an alter, a table top is fine.
Surround the candle with special objects that mean a lot to you and to the person you love. These precious things can be symbolic, such as a small seashell if you love the ocean, a flower petal of your favorite flower or a special word written on a piece of paper.
If you have access to a white rose or a white rose bush, take a thorn and inscribe the candle with it. Write the words All my love come to me three times on the candle. If you do not have a rose thorn, use the tip of a knife, a nail or a needle to inscribe the candle.
Place the candle back in the middle of the alter or table and light it.
Focus on the candle as it burns, visualizing the person coming to you with love. Keep visualizing and thinking about the person until the candle burns down completely.
Once the candle has burned away, place the wax puddle that is left and the objects surrounding the candle in a piece of white paper. Put the remains in a safe place.
The outcome of this candle love spell means the person will give you all the love they have for you. It could be more or less than you expected.

Ending the Love Spell
If the time comes that you no longer want the person to love you, take the love spell remains you wrapped in the white paper and dispose of them. You can do this in any manner you like such as burning the paper with its contents, burying it or simply throwing it away.

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Bring Back My Love Spell

This spell can be used to end an argument between friends or lovers.For this spell you will need these ingredients:Two white candlesA photograph or a drawing of your lover or friend (make sure he or she is alone in the photo - cut out or cover anyone else in the picture)A photograph of yourself smilingA chamomile tea bagA piece of blue materialAt exactly eight o'clock in the evening, light the candles and take a few deep breaths to relax you. Try to imagine a peaceful scene in your mind, perhaps a beautiful garden or waves rolling onto white sands. Now hold in your hand the picture of your lover or friend and repeat this chant:'With the light of the flameI'll light your desire,When I speak your nameYou'll feel the glow from my fire.The spell has been cast -So be it!'Say his or her name slowly three times, and then put your picture face down on top of his or her picture so that the two images are together. Wrap up the two pictures along with the chamomile tea bag, in blue cloth. Put the package in a safe place.To make sure your lover or friend gets the message, light the candles at eight o'clock each night and repeat his or her name three times.

Attraction Fire Love

For this spell you will

A charred piece of wood

Rose petals or apple blossoms

A piece of paper

Using the charred part of the stick as you would a

pencil, draw two interlinked
hearts on the paper as you

visualize yourself
enjoying a satisfying relationship.

Hold the rose petals in your projective hand and send fiery,

loving energies into
them. Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts.

Wrap the paper around the petals. Still visualizing, throw the

package into a fire.
(Failing this, light it in the flame of a red

candle and throw into a
heat-proof container.) As it burns, the power is released.

Remember not to think of anyone particular while doing this spell!

This could be very
dangerous and very harmful to your feelings and

the feelings of others.

Spell to Keep a Lover

Sprinkle licorice

over your spouse or

lovers footprints. Place
a handful of marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed where your lover
or spouse sleeps. Or add cumin to the food you both consume.

Another spell to keep your lover
faithful is:

Prepare a small drawstring pouch
in a dark color. Fill it with licorice herb, dried and ground unicorn root, a
handful of marigolds, fresh rosemary and dried cumin. Place the bag under your
lover's side of the bed and s/he will remain faithful.

Feel Your Own Power

It is important to witness the fact that

power is real. When you stand in line at
the store look down the checkout aisle and find someone who is daydreaming.
Put out the thought "Look around!" When you do this regularly, you will
find more and more often the person whom you are attempting to reach will, in
fact be affected and will turn around to stare at you.

Use Witchcraft to Help Yourself

Each of us have a different stress
level. Your operational best stress level occurs when the whole you is
working toward an objective. The most important concept for optimum health
is to ensure that your life is balanced between the goals of the

psychic and the drives of
the body. For every little step that you take toward your objective, reward
yourself with some outside pleasurable experience. Stress is a main cause
of death, and although the death certificate doesn't say a word about it, stress
is a key factor when it comes to most illnesses. Make sure that you give
yourself reasonable time to accomplish goals. Doing so will will kill you

Soul Mate Love Spell

This spell should works best on waxing moon.

You will need:

-Paper and pen

-gold heart locket

-four-leaf clover

-amethyst stone

-rose quartz stone

-pink ribbon

-flower petals (works best with rose petals)

-gold chain

Write on the paper the qualities that you are looking for in a partner. Once
you've finished, read it aloud, then fold the paper into quarters and tie the
pink ribbon around it in a bow. Place the amethyst on the paper, above the bow,
and the rose quartz below the bow. The four-leaf clover goes inside the heart
locket, and place the locket on the middle of the bow. Place the gold chain in a
circle around the paper. Then, sprinkle the flower petals on top of the paper
while saying:

'I conjure thee,

I conjure thee,

I'm the queen,

You're the bee,

As I desire,

So shall it be.' x 2

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spell to prevent that a woman is unfaithful

Take a hank of its hair, choosing the long hair but, quémese on coal live coals and échese the ash-gray one on any furniture that before has been greased with honey, the sooner it causes that his wife puts itself on the furniture. After this it will not be able to love but that, nor will have taste some in being courted by no other man.

Potion of the passion for lovers

If it wishes to increase the passion love or to surpass the sexual frigidity, it prepares the following potion of the passion for you and/or its lover (she does not taste very good but he is very safe, easy to prepare and very efficient). In the light of a red candle, to make boil a liter of water (of clear preference water of rain or natural mountain source) in a kettle. To clear of the fire and to add two cups of parsley in fresh branch, pricked. To cover the kettle and to leave potion rest it during one hour. To at least drink two cups of the potion of the passion twenty minutes before making the love with its pair (and it asegúrese of which the potion is very hot it takes when it).

To come up that they rob to you

In a portfolio, a shoe or something that estes taking to place a needle to move away the thieves

In order to harness and to protect the money

- White Paper.
- Glue.
- Mustard in dust or grain.

Meridian is at night realised to 12 or the 12. A cross in the paper becomes, to cover it with mustard, to place it underneath the bed where the person to duer to me. Every month changes and another one is realised. The previous cross burning fire in a container and the ashes are thrown to the wind.

Amulet for chance games

The name of the person writes in a white paper who will use the amulet. In the paper it surrounds three pens of caburé it will find (them in occultism stores). It places in an east shelf package on a ticket of any nomination. When one goes to play takes the package as a amulet along with the ticket.

In order to neutralize the enemy

In a piece of bark it will have to write the date of birth and the complete name of its enemy, soon envuélvalo in a black handkerchief while it murmurs: " cállate now, that becomes broken your bitter lengua." (To again appoint the enemy) " cállate now, you do not speak harmful words. What therefore becomes! " It buries the handkerchief with the crust while it sensitises to the incapable enemy to make run negative rumors about you.

Ritual for the abundance

This ritual is effective to attract a new use or to progress in the work that they have. It lays the way to the person who is looking for a new use or those that having wants it to arrive at a more important position, or to improve the labor condition of that moment.

In order to attract the love

It is needed: 1 bag of grass, a candle preferably of red color or I embroider, 1 botellita of oil of any type, 1 red heart cut in a paper or cardboard, 1 botellita of rose oil and flowers, fine alcohol. First in a bowl or bowl it is necessary to mix the grass, soon to take the candle and to oil it with the oil of roses by the contour and surface, to ignite. Step 2: About the heart that we trimmed is necessary to put its name, written in which is, imagined that it is his heart, that this glad, happy calm one, relaxed by far love and passion by the loved person it thinks about this by 6 minutes. Step 3: it puts two or three drops of the oil of roses and flowers on the paper, soon it puts the paper in bowl with the grass, puts drops of alcohol and that it to me. Soon it will appear the love, has patience.

So that your mother-in-law accepts to you

The day of its birthday neither or dazzles the sun recites with a rose in your hands the following thing: To the dawn of this day that the smile falls on ...... (name of the mother-in-law) and one never goes away more. Soon entrégale the rose. The result will convence you.

Irish spell for the health

Procedure: to put to boil a handful of grass (rosemary, thyme, lavender) until it reduces to half, soon to overturn the content in a clean bottle, and when the patient bathes, to put a small amount of this mixture in the water, while a candle of the appropriate color ignites and it is requested to the goddess that offers the lost health us

Monday, April 19, 2010

ell to secure an increase of pay

We need the currency in circulation smaller value. The currency is taken and it is washed very well with water and soap, the currency will have to be totally clean. Soon we must disinfect it totally, this is done or boiling it during 10 minutes or submerging it in alcohol. Once fact this we do not have to be called on the currency with the fingers not to contaminate it we will take, it with clean tweezers we will put and it in a piece of paper of silver, very important is that the part mate of the silver paper is in contact with the enemy with the currency. With a gauze or any fabric that does not loosen down dampened in vinegar we will rub the currency a little. All this is due to do without touching the currency. Once fact this we completely surround the currency with the silver paper. We must have had the precaution of not wetting too much the currency so that not chorree. Now we kept the currency surrounded in our pocket or purse. We always must take raises it and we will secure our increase of pay.

Spell to find a a new job

Necessary material: The supplies of use that you have (cuts of newspapers, warnings, etc.), 1 small long cord, 1caja, 1vela green yJengibre.Preparación: It trims the supplies of work and colócalas all meetings (copy and keeps the separate information), átalas with the cord, so that they are in an end the papers and the rest is free. It ignites the green candle and colócala to your left. Put the supplies of work within the metallic box and ciérrala of way q the cord is outside. Put it in front of you to certain distance, but that the cord this a your reach to throw of. Pon a little ginger to your right. It thinks about the use that you wish and watch you obtaining it. You think while it, it throws of the cord until approaching the box so that this within reach of your hand. Open it and burning fire the supplies of work with the green candle, this way you would release the energy. It keeps the metallic box like amulet and llévala to your interviews from work.

Spell to improve the health

Materials: 1 guards celestial or pink consecrated, 1 botellita of oil of the health, 1 photo of the ill person or a paper with its name Procedure: This spell serves to help to improve somebody patient. First to take the celestial candle if the person is pink O-Man if she is woman, and to write in her the name of the ill person. Secondly: to pass oil through the candle visualizing a curadora energy in the form of light flowing of its fingers towards the candle whereas it says. " by the divine name of the goddess whose breath gives life us I consecrate and load this candle like a magical tool of sanaci? n". Third party: to put the candle loaded in the part of above of the photography of the ill person and igniting it, while the candle is consumed is necessary to concentrate itself in the person seeing it healthful while the following thing is recited: " magical sanación. while the candle burning fire, the disease finishes and the health will back".

Spell against the addictions

This it is a spell against the addictions and the vices It secures to a bottle with tapa. fill half with apple vinegar and the other with the alcoholic drink or drugs that person. while consums does says with firmness: “that this vice becomes bitter and bitter in its mouth” soon it closes the bottle and sellela with sticky tape. Next it returns to take the container in his hands and sacudalo being repeated 7 times: “while the bottle remains closed, (name of afectad0 (a)) nonvolvera to fall in its addition” Before finalizing, it dampens a blessed water cotton and soon cleans the bottle with guardela in a secret place outside the reach of the addict one. it repeats the ritual 3 months later, not without first to desacer itself of the package, .para arrojelo to a river while it is concentrated in the quick recovery of the affected person

Spell so that always there is money in the wallet

In this spell so that always it has money in the wallet which you must do is in a small bag of yellow color to place the following thing: 1 currency magnet sea bream, 1 small piece, 3 nails of scent, 1 pinch of saffron, 5 grains of arroz.llevar always above, tightening with the hand the bag from time to time.

Spell to break with the bad luck

Since the spell becomes: In declining moon, to ignite a white candle every followed Tuesday by 7, with 1 water glass to put 3 spoonfuls of salt and to sweep themselves with 1 egg by the nights, Tuesdays, when finishing sweeping themselves with the egg, breaking it and putting in the water of the glass and to throw it to the toilet and to haul the handle

So that it calls to you

Procedure: To cut in two papers. In one of them, you would place the name of that you wish to wait for the call. In the other paper you would place the telephone that you wish that it sounds. You will say in high voice: Here it is where is your loving, this it is the telephone where you found a voice sweet and it enamored to you. While you say this phrase, three times, you will have concentrarte in the person and to think about that this taking the telephone and this dialing your number. Hazlo seriously, that you will be surprised.

Spell of Venus to attract the ideal love

Materials: It is needed: 1 guards small celestial or pink consecrated, 1 consecrated striker pin, 1 oil of Venus Procedure: First: to by hand have pink or celestial a small candle (according to sex that is desired to attract). Secondly: to wish firmly to attract the correct person, discarding to whom they are not it, while this thinks to take the candle and with a striker pin or needle (not to use knives) to record in the base of the candle a heart. Third party: always maintaining the thought in finding the best person, to take the botellita from oil of Venus and with the fingers to pass it through all the outside of the candle while the following thing is repeated: " Venus, acércame the love that I wish, through this one your essence allows that he (or it) comes " Quarter: to leave guards it is consumed in natural form Fifth: to always use drops of the oil on the body (not but of 3 drops per time) to reinforce the enchantment whenever the oil is placed to repeat the phrase: " Venus, acércame the love that I wish, through this one your essence allows that he (or it) comes ".

So that your lover leaves their wife

Procedure: First that you must obtain is a property of, which it has been used in the day, that has been touched by her. It is easy if a shirt ironed by her has putting. Or something that is happened to you. You will have to take off it and to wash it with a potion previously armed. (Your first matutinal rust). Lávala and repeats: “you will be mine, solely, forgetting this way and letting it go for always to xxxx (name of the woman). Lávala to clear the scent to him of piss, that is almost inoloro, and tries to obtain that in the same day it returns to his hands, or it has contact with his skin during simple minutes. The spell will surprise to you!

To prevent acts of infidelity

Materials: - Heavy Salt Its Perfume Procedure: Heavy salt in botamanga of pantalosn of loved his hides pocode. or in its defect, the pocket of some article; with 3 grains of sufficient salt sera. they tanbien places in the same place one gotita of perfume that you acostunbra to use, while it does this repeats " that the salt and my perfume move away of their life to all person who wants to seduce it and to conquer it, otherwise, that not it one the attraction, nor the understanding. The days repeat the spell Monday, Friday and Saturdays during a month segido.

Spell to stop curses

If somebody has wanted hacerte some witchcraft, must act you very instantaneously. It must visualize a great mirror that this located in front of you and who the part shining of the mirror reflects all the negative energy that it owns it throws and it towards an imaginary fire and that disappears. It never must reflect this light to an enemy, because an evil would be causing him since it could become against in karmática form. It remembers that the revenge is not good, kills the soul it poisons and it.

Spell of Tisane to forget a love

You need: 5 leaves of menta1 spoonful of honey of abejas3 scent nails A water cup is boiled and these ingredients are added to him. it is let rest a little while and you begin to enjoy delicious tizana to forget the love that did damage to you. the days are taken for the men Tuesday and Friday by the nights before lying down and the women take the days Monday and Friday before lying down.

Spell to forget the pains of the love

Melisa was a plant very appreciated by the witches of the Average Age. Their therapeutic properties offered serenity and peace to a broken heart. In order to fulfill the ritual of melisa it follows the following steps: It prepares a tisane of melisa Friday with New Moon, drinks three cups, one in uninformed, another one to mid-morning and another one before going to sleep. It follows the ritual during two weeks and you will see as one is fulfilled to you.

Invocation to the Gods of the love

This invocation will help you to prevail in the love and all scopes. Friday ignites seven red candles and to his side it places a bottle with orange blossom water, a photo yours and five petals of rose. with a pink quartz in your left hand it recites the invocation: ” Divine Adonis, beautiful Aphrodite, Venus candy listens to my request. They make me prevail in the friendship and the love. the fire and the passion are mine. With the ignited heart of the fire and the heat. I give you thanks to all Divine Gods of the Love. That thus it is.

Work of Love

Materials: Red apple and mature red Paper or green Honey dust Cinnamon Magnet Tape, cord or red or green thread Procedure: 1 - It takes a red apple and mature 2 - Córtala by half, and you do a hole in center, removing heart first 3 - In a red or green paper, it writes the name of loved person - the paper in the hole of 4 fruit 5 Introduces - Cúbrela with honey and a cinnamon tiny amount; pon upon all this a magnet piece 6 - It ends up covering everything with the other half of apple 7 - Atalo with a tape, cord or red or green thread 8 - the apple in the freezer Puts

Bow of Love

Materials: Green tape of 20 cm. Marking Green Procedure: 1-Take a green tape, of more or less 20 cm. - Next it writes with green marker, your name and the VENUS word, the name of the person and the word 2 LOVE 3 - to That you will roll it tape to the head of your bed and will do a knot every night throughout nine days 4 - you coil the tape in the left arm, with the words written towards inside and beams three knots repeating the written words 5-Have to take put it until it is broken and when this happens you will burn, it at night and throw ashes in a place where the water runs NOTE you only can burn it at night

Spell to conserve the perfect nails

If their nails usually become broken with facility, in the first place it must once submerge them per week, during five minutes, in a container with vinegar. This will fortify and prevent that they crack. But to obtain an effect of lasting and visible beauty, it takes half from the rind of a hard egg, and píntela with the enamel that uses habitually for its nails. Dejela to dry and guárdela within a small box. It conserves while it, their nails will shine strong, healthy and beautiful

Spell of love of Aphrodite

Materials: It is needed: 2 consecrated small red candles, 2 consecrated small white candles, 1 oil of Aphrodite, sahumerios or incense of Aphrodite, 1 stock market of grass of Aphrodite, 1 figure of paper of red heart. Procedure: One is due to do after the fall of the sun, in a calm place and solitude. First to take two red candles and two small white candles, to pass the oil to them of Aphrodite to the four candles and to ignite them of the following form: a first red one thinking about attracting the person loved towards one, soon a white thinking that love is true, soon another red one thinking about soon attracting the loved person and the white thinking that love is the true one. Secondly: to take sahumerio from Aphrodite and to ignite it concentr? ndose in the powerful force of the love and the goddess. Third party to take stock-market from grass and on the inside to sprinkle it with the oil of Aphrodite. Quarter: to take the red heart and to write in him: " Aphrodite goddess of the love, envíame true amor". Fifth: to put the heart within stock-market of grass and oil and to leave it near the candles until these are consumed. Sixth: to keep stock-market in a safe place by 30 days. Soon to bury it Repetir the spell to the 60 and the 90 days.

In order to attract your Platonic Love

Procedure: In a water glass (if he is blessed better) a paper throws where the full name are written yours and those of him or she. Pon your left hand on the glass and I gave: as this paper and this water are united therefore they united your heart and mine like in a hug. Desire that is fulfilled.

To obtain the perfect lover

Materials: Elements that you are going to need: 1 guards red cylindrical, 1 cent of the currency of your country, stock market of grass, a red tape, and squaring of red fabric, green tape. Procedure: First you must ignite the red candle, and have a currency, a cent close preferably. Secondly: To put the grass, the red tape and the currency within squared of fabric and with needle and a red thread you will have to sew it, soon to take it towards the heart while you repeat: " Venus, reigns of the love, divine creature, dame the lover that I look for and that it belongs to me, perfect he (or she) and perfect I, together will live in passion. Venus, reigns of the love, so sweet and warm, dame the lover who makes my eager nights and my days warm and beam that never aside from mí" Third party: mantén the fabric near your heart and thinks and concéntrese in which his lover is coming towards you, soon you tie the fabric with the green tape to close the spell. Finally: it takes with himself the spell and when póngalo underneath the pillow lies down. The lover will obtain who hopes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

To wake up sexual desire in another one

Materials: It will be necessary: 1 guards red, 3 thread fibers of a color similar to the hair of the wished being, 1 botellita of the oil and 1 piece of paper. Procedure: The spell must at night be done Friday and. Very it is recommended to use with fianc2es or husbands who lost a little desire. First: to warm up a little the candle and to stick three threads to him to sew (if we obtained three hair of that person far better). Secondly: to take the candle between the hands and begins to think very firmly about the person visualizes to that person coming towards inflamed you in desire, and with passion, soon it visualizes to that person next to you in the attitude that you wish that you take. Third party: to take the oil and to put a little in the fingers, to pass it through the candle using sensual movements as if it was done his lover, while it continues imagining that you two are together Quarter: it pledges the candle and it directs a plegaria saying: " the love is sweet, desire is infinite as I caress this candle would want acariciarte and that your you caress to me, spirits of desire come now in my aid. Soon the name of its lover writes three times in the paper and that it to me in the flame of the candle whereas the paper burning fire is said in voice lowers to the name of its lover three times, it extinguishes the candle.

To make he/she fall in love of you

Procedure: You will have to obtain a rower (playera or t-shirt) of the person that you are interested in that it is your pair, dirty, with its scent. You will have to sleep with the rower or resemblance, during one week. When finalizing the same you will have to give back it with your perfume it notices without it but that gets to touch the one that this by at least a second in contact with its skin. Deberas not to wait for much so that it asks to you of being its pair.

Spell to find the lost thing

In the first place friendly I recommend much tranquillity to them and to be relaxed without no type of nervousness is very simple. To place a glass given return on the table and to aloud ask to find what there are lost or the name than perdistes in minutes you would decide or wraths to the place where this what you lost…

In order to enamor or to attract a person madly

- 1 red apple
- Paper butter
- red ink
- feather
- 4 petals of red rose (preferably)
- Red Bow

It cuts to two strips of paper butter and in one it writes your name with the red red pen with the other strip repeats the same, but with the name of the person that you want to enamor. Soon short the red apple in two and each beams a hole in which you will put a petal of rose, followed by the paper with your name, seal it with the second petal and you repeat the same in the other half but with the paper that the name of the person has which you want to attract.

Meetings two halves you unite and them with the bow, beams three knots and in accordance with you are that them doing you repeat three times: " (name of the person that we want to enamor) they see, and from now on only I (your name) estare in your heart. Kuarsum amardium that tonight the moon and the stars illuminate your soul and mia.". After this guards the apple under your bed and that same night to the 12 o'clock salts under the Full Moon (if it is possible), you return to repeat the words (3 times) and bury the apple in a humid place. This is due to realise to the dusk a day Friday

Luck in the gamble

The possible similarity draws in the plant of your feet a field of clovers more, before touching to the luck.

To know if you are victim of an eye evil or negative spell

You need a plate crystal, which is due to fill almost of water until the edge. In addition an oil butterfly or lamp is due to ignite (it is a small cork with wick that floats in oil). The plate with water is placed on the head of the person who wishes to know if some work is becoming him negative. The olive oil wets the forefinger of the right hand in a little where the night light floats and three drops in the central zone of the plate with water are put. If the drops are deposited in the central zone, without sinking neither to be divided in small others the more, the person he is free of bad influences. If the drops go away towards the sides of the plate, they are broken in smaller drops and they sink, then this person is being attacked of lagoon forms. I hope that it is to you of utility.

The bottle of the eternal love - gypsy Magic

They count some legend that formerly called magical bottles to covered mud containers with cork and in which faithfully nails, hairs kept and, sometimes, some drops of personal fluids; with the aim of being the symbolic container of the passion of the pair. With the same yearning we can choose of some store of antiques our favorite bottle to turn it into love talisman. First to unload power the bottle leaving it by three nights to the dew and next three suns of noon. Within her one is due to place 9 petals of red rose, essence of roses, nails and hair of the members of the pair. To cover it with a cork and to leave it underneath the double bed. To conserve it there until it is broken, if were not broken in years, you will be able to destroy it at the moment at which its pair promotes a step but in its development; because whenever the bottle is broken it will be representing that the relation will have renewed; accompanying this transformation it is necessary to replace it, repeating the ritual.

Negative dates for the love in the gypsy magic

The Majoré gypsy, who felt to me to have transmitted little information, in a momentito in which I neglected, disappeared mysteriously of the room and in its return she jealously kept between its hands a very aged, yellowish slip of paper and ajado of as much consultation, I imagine; and which according to her, it could not be come off, since it had been flattered him by an aunt along with some special powers to make talismans and amulets for the love. In that almost sacred parchment Majoré kept those dates in which some with important decisions is not due to drive of way, avoiding to make spells, to travel, to buy properties, to sign contracts, to become operations, to marry, to have sexual relations with the purpose of it procreation, etc. - January: 1-2-6-14 and 27-February: 1-17 and 19-March: 11 and 26-April: 10-27 and 28-May: 11 and 12-June: 19-Julio: 18 and 21-August: 2-26 and 27-September: 10 and 18-October: 6-November: 6 and 17-December: 5-14 and 23


So that the sacred fire that never maintains its pair united extinguishes buys a plant that of flowers and whose leaves do not grow during all the stations of the year; this takes place buys a day Thursday. It chooses a mud flowerpot of wide mouth, píntela of green color, writes in a paper his name and the one of his pair in the form of cross and places it of maseta at heart. A triangle prepares three quartz crystals forming on the paper with its names. Soon it transfers his new plant to this flowerpot, while it repeats: " This plant will grow with vigor, like our loving union. The energy of the sun and the Water also feeds that it fed our physical and spiritual union. It does not forget to daily water it with water, that has let settle all one night in one cotoots of crystal.


This spell is one of simplest and it has always been effective for has taken those who it to the practice. You need three small pieces paper. In each one of the pieces you write three names of the people of whom it interests to you to know what they feel. You have written when them you double them well. You move them not to know which is which. One of you must put it to the papers underneath the pillow, another one metelo in some place of the room that you like and you must put the other it in the shelf of the window. Five minutes you must watch later them. The one that is under the pillow is the love that agrees to you, the one that always will want to you. The one that is in the room is the one that wants but your relation to you does not have future. The one of the window is the person who does not want to you and that long term she will give misfortunes you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spell to Reunite with your old love

" This spell should be done during the waxing phase of the moon. You will need:
· 1 small piece of clean white paper (no lines)
· 1 white candle
· 1 red pen or marker
· 1 sterile needle
· 1 small piece of red cloth
· 1 red ribbon
· something of his he has freely given to you

Light the candle, and use it to help you focus on your lover. Picture his face in your mind. Once you have his image firmly affixed, use the red pen to write your name and his on the paper. Use the needle to prick your index finger. Dab one drop of blood over the names. Draw a circle around the names and fold the paper in half. Place the paper in the cloth. Take the item he has given to you (a ring or picture works best, but it can be anything that was freely given) and place it in the cloth as well. Fold the cloth up so it forms a little bag. Use the ribbon to tie the bag closed. Bury the bag in fresh earth (make sure you remember where you left it). Take a few moments to envision your beloved as you cover the bag with earth, repeating this phrase:


If it is meant to be, he will feel a strong desire to be where you (and the bag) are. Once he has arrived, dig up the bag and burn the contents. If the item of his you buried is precious or one you can not burn, take it and put it in a bowl and cover it with salt for 3 days. This will neutralize the spell energies and cleanse the item. "

Spell for your lover to only dream of you.

" candles and incense aren't necessary, but I always feel its helps me concentrate and get more into what I am doing (though i burn herb mostly in place of incense) any that would promote psychic senses or feelings of love/lust would work well -
in a dimly lighted or dark room, close your eyes and visualize the person who you want to dream of you (preferably when they are sleeping if you know that they are sleeping), once you feel confident that your mind is connected with theirs, project to him/her a mental image of how you want them to perceive you, and, as you recite this, imagine you are doing what you would like to do to them (i.e., kissing embracing) as if it were actually happening, also visualize the setting (bedroom, in a field of flowers, get creative you want them to have a nice dream don't you).
in you mind i now invade
you see me there but no words are said
like an angel i descend upon thee
my love you feel so tenderly
you feel my touch upon your skin
our hands our intertwining
you see in my eyes a blissful grace
and my lips you sweetly taste
this dream you'll carry even after you wake
what you feel shall not be fake
and when you see me face to face
its me you shall want to embrace

recite as many times as needed (as you visualize the dream) till you feel confident that it was mentally projected to them. remember you want your mind to be clear of any other thoughts because you don't want to send mixed messages - anything else you might be thinking of could also be projected to them. Remember its not nice to play with others minds so use at your own risk. Sometimes spells work too well, and you might get more than you bargained for. In that case I would consider doing a reversal, or a "falling out of love" spell of some sort. "

Here you will find marriage spells, sex spells, romance spells, love charms, magic talismans, spell casting, and powerful spells.

Special and Powerful Love Spell for Couples

If you want to 'refresh', enhance, grow the warmth and love in a relationship you're presently in, there's a ritual, which resembles the rituals of various traditions. It's best to be performeg, preferably in the middle of May. It doesn't matter if you've got a girlfriend/boyfriend, if you're already married or engaged.
All you d in sprinneed is :
two red roses, one white candle, one red candle, two cherries.
You can easily do this while you're on holidays/vacation, or if it's not possible at that time - go for a weekend trip. The easiest is, of course, if you live near the river, or any water. You should be alone there and don't disturb anyone.
You should go to the place with the water - lake sea, but preferably river, because it's a moving/running water. This should be done just after the sunset, in an early evening
. Light the candles and leave them burning behind you, on the river bank (or beach), but not too far from the river, while you turn to the water, take each other's hand and step into the water together, each keeping the rose in that other, empty hand. You don't have to go far. Say these words together:
"Our love is warm like the fire,
deep like the river,
free like the air,
solid as the ground(soil).
God/goddess (whatever is your choice),
we're asking you to bless it,
and let us keep it
in our hearts,
for the rest of our lives."

Then throw the roses into the water - it's best if the river stream slowly takes them away, as they float on its surface.
Get back to the beach, eat one cherry each and, without turning your face to the river, throw the kernels in it, behind your back. Don't look back if you don't have to. Leave, leaving the candles burning, and let the 'offers' being accepted quietly.
Come back in sunrise to the very same place, get in the water with your whole body, you can swim too... bless the river by blessing it (her), all its (her)brothers and sisters on the planet. Then thank your goddes for listening to you, and leave. If the candle flame still burns (which will, of course, depend on the size of the candle, and wind, and other factors) - leave them there; if not - take then home, wrap it in a piece of red cotton or silk, and keep it somewhere in your bedroom, especially if you live together, or each can take one candle and keep it in their own bedroom.
The ritual can be repeated, but do not come for it again until the same time next year.

Money Spell to pay all the debts

" Sometimes we all need a little help making ends meet. That is what this spell is for. This should not be used each month, or as a substitute for budgeting your money.
Prepare an area where you can leave a candle undisturbed for 9 days. Select a good sized green candle. Anoint it with Almond oil (or extract if you can't get the oil). Place the bill you need paid inder the candle. If you cannot place the bill itself under the candle, write down the amount you owe, the date it is due and who you owe it to on a piece of paper and use that.

Just before sunrise, light the candle and visualize this bill being paid in full. Focus on that image for at least 10 minutes. Once the sun has risen, repeat this incantation;

Hail and welcome the Coming Day

When all my debts are swept away.

As today a new day's dawning

Let my will be done this morning.

Release me from financial bind

And ease the worry from my mind.

Help me now to pay this debt

A kindness that I'll not forget.

Grant my plea and hear my call

Be it only for the good of all.

Let the candle burn another 5 minutes then snuff it out. Leave the candle on top of the bill or paper. Each morning at sunrise, re-annoint and light the candle. Repeat the spell. By the end of the ninth day, you should find you have the money you need, or the means to get the bill paid. In some cases, you may find the debt collector agreeable to having the repayment of the bill temporarily postponed.

To seal the spell, you should give something back, as a thank you for what you have gained. Donate some clothes to a shelter or time to a children's group. Give blood. Something to say thanks for the helping hand. If you don't, the spell will likely reverse down the road and you may find yourself in worse trouble than you are now. "

Money Spell for Business

" On the night of the full moon, light one blue candle (cast a circle if needed). On a piece of paper (perferrable one with the business letterhead or logo) draw the rune Tiwaz for victory, Jera for rewards for hardwork done and Fehu for prosperity. Fold the paper 7 times (you can practice first on another sheet of paper). Set the folded paper in a fireproof bowl or brazier. Sprinkle a small amount of dried basil over it, light it and while visualizing the success of this business, say the following:
Silver bright and golden light

Bring to us this moonlit night

Only our fair share of riches owed

From tasks well done and seeds we've sown

With hard work and lessons learned

Grant us only what we've earned

Let not this simple spell reverse

Nor bring upon us any curse.

So mote it be!

Sprinkle a bit of water and a pinch of salt over the bowl, then let the contents burn out. When it has, snuff the candle and set it aside. Dispose of the ash by sprinkling it over a flower bed or living grass. Take the candle and keep it close to you. Light it every thursday night and while visualizing the success of the business, let it burn for 20 minutes. You should see a marked improvement in profits, oppurtunities and/or reputation. If this is not so, look to other areas of your life. Has there been any other areas where things have gotten remarkably better? Sometimes the gods answer one request by granting another. Remember thought, if you do a spell with good intentions and with no intent to harm another, they will give us what we need, if not always what we want."

Powerful Money Tree Spell

" Take a walnut complete with shell. Crack the shell in half and eat the nut. Place one penny from the year you were born, in the shell, making a "money seed". Plant the "money seed" outside, near where you sleep (under your window is ideal). As you plant it, recite:
Fortuna, Lamia hear my plea

Hear now my will and my decree,

Lord of Sun and Wooded Deep

Wake this seedling from its sleep.

As a seedling grows into a tree

So shall this small coin ever be.

Starting small, yet ever growing

Providing blessings overflowing.

Never more than what is needed

Lest strife and greed be also seeded.

With harm to none may blessings come,

So may it be as I will it done."

Visualize a mighty tree erupting from the earth, showering you with coins and paper money.

This spell will not make you rich, but you should find that when ever money is "needed" it becomes available, either as a gift, a loan or a windfall. "

Money Candle Spell

" This spell should be used only after you have submitted your resume or application. With a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company(s) you want to work for on the side of a large green candle. On a red candle, you need to carve the victory rune (Tiwaz, it looks like an arrow, pointing up) and your full name. Burn both candles for 30 minutes on Thursday after the sun sets, while visualizing yourself getting the kind of job you want. At the end of the 30 minutes, snuff the candles (do not blow them out). (spel).
Burn them each Thursday after that for 15 minutes until they burn out, or until you get the job. Dispose of the candles and leave a small bowl of milk outside overnight as an offering. "(spels).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Magic to Prepare for a Love Meeting

OK, you've met a promising canditate and you're probably nervous about making a good impression early on in the relationship. Here's a spell from Marina Medici's Love Magic to help you.

Before your meeting take a bath in which you have dispresed six drops of melissa essential oil. While in the water concentrate on the situation at hand and say these words:

Melissa suffice for strength and for peace

See yourself relaxed and at ease, holding hands without becoming sweating, holding a gaze without blushing.

Carry the essence of melissa with you in a small silver flask with a cork that is easily removable. When you feel the old jitters come back, slip away for a minute, concentrate yourself, uncork the bottle with your left hand, holding it with your right, inhale the scent and repeat the magic words to yourself three times.

Attract the Perfect Lover for valentine`s day

You will need:
6 rose petals, 1 tsp lavender, 1 tsp cinnamon, rose quartz, small piece of red ribbon, 1 penny, 6-inch square pink cloth, green ribbon or yarn, needle and thread

On friday during the waxing Moon, place the first six ingredients in the center of the cloth. Gather the fabric edges together with your fingers and hold the pouch to your heart. Chant:

Venus, Queen of Love, divine
Bring the love to me that's mine
Perfect, she/he, and perfect, me,
Together we are meant to be.
Venus, Queen of Love, so warm
Bring my love to me without harm.
Let nothing keep us now apart,
Bring perfect love to fill my heart.

Still holding the pouch against your heart, fill it with loving energy. Secure the pouch with green ribbons to seal the spell. Carry it on your person and sleep with it under your pillow. When the lover comes to you, bury the pouch under a tree.

Valentine Spells for Love, Romance & Passion

The best love spells help you to open your own heart chakra and put yourself in the path of loving energies. You can work a spell to feel and therefore appear more attractive, sexy, interesting, and desirable to others. Or you can work a spell to enhance your own unconscious "love radar" so that you're in the right place at the right time for romance. Love is one of the most powerful forces on this planet so it's not a good idea to try to force someone to love you against his or her own will... this goes against Universal Law and there will be a price to pay! But if you do have a particular person in mind, a spell can create an opportunity for you to make yourself more known to to that person and to present yourself in a way that's likely to interest them. If you're in a relationship that you would like to be more loving, a spell can improve your own powers of communication, intuition and responsiveness so you will be better able to know your lover's heart and have him or her know yours. That said, here are a few spells you can try. Remember, in spellwork as in most of life, intent is key so focus all your energy on what you want, visualizing it coming to pass as clearly as you can.

Revenge Spell

Take a piece of paper and write the name of the person that is to be bound on a 3"x3" piece of paper, using a black ink pen or a pencil.

While you do this visualize the face of the person on your mind. When you have written the name cross it with an inverted pentacle (5 pointed star within a circle).

Fold the paper twice and take a rubber band and tie the paper with it. Raise it to your temple and chant three times the following...
"To be protected from you,
This magic charm i will do,
With this words i bind thee,
For you to let me be,
To be protected from your harm,
I now seal this charm".

Now place the paper on your right shoe and slam your foot on the ground nine times (doesn't have to be so loud that everyone hears it) As you slam it the ninth time say...

To gain the love of someone: on a night of the full moon,

This is from "The Master Book of Candle Burning"
by Henri Gamache, written in 1942:
On a Friday, when the Moon is waxing, start the following:
Altar Layout
1 1 5
((((( 3 4 ((((( 2 6
Photo or object Bible
of the one that is loved goes here
Position 1-1 White altar (cross shaped) candles, dressed
with Hi Altar Brand Oil
Position 2 Red candle dressed with Love Oil
Position 3 Astral Candle of the one that is loved
dressed with Zodiac oil
Position 4 red candle dressed with Love oil
Position 5 Astral candle of one that who seeks love
dressed with Zodiac Oil
Position 6 Gold candle dressed with Attraction oil
Move camdles no 2 and 3 in the direction of arrows 1 inch each day.
Bible reading: If you are a man, read Song of Solomon Chapt.
6. If you are a woman read Chapter 8, Burn cadles 2 hours each day until satisfied.
Frankincense and Myrrh may be burned while reading the Biblical passages. Place incense burner between the Bible and the photo.
Colors for astral candles:
Aries: white
Taurus: red
Gemini: light blue
Cancer: green
Leo: green
Virgo: gold
Libra: dark red
Scorpio: brown
Sagittarius: green
Capricorn: black
Aquarius: blue
Pisces: pink
Treat him / her nice, I hope it works out for you. If you're gay, substitute Lavender Love Drops for Love oil.


To gain the love of someone: on a night of the full moon,
walk to a spot beneath your beloved's bedroom window, and
whisper his/her name three times to the nightwind.

Valentine Marriage Spells

Marriage Spells are supposed to be very strong and affective
Marriage Spells for marriage are strong marriage spells.

Marriage Spells are supposed to be very strong and affective. If you are in a relation and your lover is not committing or is taking time to decide if she or she or she wants to get married to you or not then these very strong marriage spells are used by which your love will marry you and you will be having a very strong and happy married life.

If you feel for some one and want to get married to that person, but due to some reasons you are not getting married then
Take a red rose flower on the petals of the flower you may write the name of the person you love, after you have written the name of the person, you may take the petals dip it in the rose water and throw the petals outside the house of the person you love.
This spell is very affective and has worked for many.

Another very strong marriage spell is done with the help of hair .
You may take ten strands of your hair and 25 hair strands of the person you want to get married, You may combine both the hair and chant these words
Tambur Chambur Marriage Kaban Kabiii Tumbaa
Then burn all the hair together and then very soon you will see miracles.

If you have any questions about the above written spells leave me a comment and all your queries will be answered.

Valentine Kissing Spell

Draw the imprint of a lip with a red lipstick on a piece of white paper. Then light a red candle and burn the paper in the flames of that candle and chant the spell, “Kiss me when we meet, Kiss me (say the person’s full name), Greet me with your lips, and say you missed me. But most of all kiss me, as a lover should do. Magic kisses so I will love you, Kiss me softly and by me always stay our love will last forever as you kiss me today”. Always remember to visualize your lover whom you want to kiss and conjure the feeling of love.