Friday, February 5, 2010

Magic to Prepare for a Love Meeting

OK, you've met a promising canditate and you're probably nervous about making a good impression early on in the relationship. Here's a spell from Marina Medici's Love Magic to help you.

Before your meeting take a bath in which you have dispresed six drops of melissa essential oil. While in the water concentrate on the situation at hand and say these words:

Melissa suffice for strength and for peace

See yourself relaxed and at ease, holding hands without becoming sweating, holding a gaze without blushing.

Carry the essence of melissa with you in a small silver flask with a cork that is easily removable. When you feel the old jitters come back, slip away for a minute, concentrate yourself, uncork the bottle with your left hand, holding it with your right, inhale the scent and repeat the magic words to yourself three times.

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