Thursday, March 11, 2010

Money Spell to pay all the debts

" Sometimes we all need a little help making ends meet. That is what this spell is for. This should not be used each month, or as a substitute for budgeting your money.
Prepare an area where you can leave a candle undisturbed for 9 days. Select a good sized green candle. Anoint it with Almond oil (or extract if you can't get the oil). Place the bill you need paid inder the candle. If you cannot place the bill itself under the candle, write down the amount you owe, the date it is due and who you owe it to on a piece of paper and use that.

Just before sunrise, light the candle and visualize this bill being paid in full. Focus on that image for at least 10 minutes. Once the sun has risen, repeat this incantation;

Hail and welcome the Coming Day

When all my debts are swept away.

As today a new day's dawning

Let my will be done this morning.

Release me from financial bind

And ease the worry from my mind.

Help me now to pay this debt

A kindness that I'll not forget.

Grant my plea and hear my call

Be it only for the good of all.

Let the candle burn another 5 minutes then snuff it out. Leave the candle on top of the bill or paper. Each morning at sunrise, re-annoint and light the candle. Repeat the spell. By the end of the ninth day, you should find you have the money you need, or the means to get the bill paid. In some cases, you may find the debt collector agreeable to having the repayment of the bill temporarily postponed.

To seal the spell, you should give something back, as a thank you for what you have gained. Donate some clothes to a shelter or time to a children's group. Give blood. Something to say thanks for the helping hand. If you don't, the spell will likely reverse down the road and you may find yourself in worse trouble than you are now. "

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