Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spell to Reunite with your old love

" This spell should be done during the waxing phase of the moon. You will need:
· 1 small piece of clean white paper (no lines)
· 1 white candle
· 1 red pen or marker
· 1 sterile needle
· 1 small piece of red cloth
· 1 red ribbon
· something of his he has freely given to you

Light the candle, and use it to help you focus on your lover. Picture his face in your mind. Once you have his image firmly affixed, use the red pen to write your name and his on the paper. Use the needle to prick your index finger. Dab one drop of blood over the names. Draw a circle around the names and fold the paper in half. Place the paper in the cloth. Take the item he has given to you (a ring or picture works best, but it can be anything that was freely given) and place it in the cloth as well. Fold the cloth up so it forms a little bag. Use the ribbon to tie the bag closed. Bury the bag in fresh earth (make sure you remember where you left it). Take a few moments to envision your beloved as you cover the bag with earth, repeating this phrase:


If it is meant to be, he will feel a strong desire to be where you (and the bag) are. Once he has arrived, dig up the bag and burn the contents. If the item of his you buried is precious or one you can not burn, take it and put it in a bowl and cover it with salt for 3 days. This will neutralize the spell energies and cleanse the item. "

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