Thursday, April 15, 2010

The bottle of the eternal love - gypsy Magic

They count some legend that formerly called magical bottles to covered mud containers with cork and in which faithfully nails, hairs kept and, sometimes, some drops of personal fluids; with the aim of being the symbolic container of the passion of the pair. With the same yearning we can choose of some store of antiques our favorite bottle to turn it into love talisman. First to unload power the bottle leaving it by three nights to the dew and next three suns of noon. Within her one is due to place 9 petals of red rose, essence of roses, nails and hair of the members of the pair. To cover it with a cork and to leave it underneath the double bed. To conserve it there until it is broken, if were not broken in years, you will be able to destroy it at the moment at which its pair promotes a step but in its development; because whenever the bottle is broken it will be representing that the relation will have renewed; accompanying this transformation it is necessary to replace it, repeating the ritual.

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