Monday, April 19, 2010

ell to secure an increase of pay

We need the currency in circulation smaller value. The currency is taken and it is washed very well with water and soap, the currency will have to be totally clean. Soon we must disinfect it totally, this is done or boiling it during 10 minutes or submerging it in alcohol. Once fact this we do not have to be called on the currency with the fingers not to contaminate it we will take, it with clean tweezers we will put and it in a piece of paper of silver, very important is that the part mate of the silver paper is in contact with the enemy with the currency. With a gauze or any fabric that does not loosen down dampened in vinegar we will rub the currency a little. All this is due to do without touching the currency. Once fact this we completely surround the currency with the silver paper. We must have had the precaution of not wetting too much the currency so that not chorree. Now we kept the currency surrounded in our pocket or purse. We always must take raises it and we will secure our increase of pay.

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