Thursday, April 15, 2010


This spell is one of simplest and it has always been effective for has taken those who it to the practice. You need three small pieces paper. In each one of the pieces you write three names of the people of whom it interests to you to know what they feel. You have written when them you double them well. You move them not to know which is which. One of you must put it to the papers underneath the pillow, another one metelo in some place of the room that you like and you must put the other it in the shelf of the window. Five minutes you must watch later them. The one that is under the pillow is the love that agrees to you, the one that always will want to you. The one that is in the room is the one that wants but your relation to you does not have future. The one of the window is the person who does not want to you and that long term she will give misfortunes you.

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