Thursday, April 22, 2010

In order to attract the love

It is needed: 1 bag of grass, a candle preferably of red color or I embroider, 1 botellita of oil of any type, 1 red heart cut in a paper or cardboard, 1 botellita of rose oil and flowers, fine alcohol. First in a bowl or bowl it is necessary to mix the grass, soon to take the candle and to oil it with the oil of roses by the contour and surface, to ignite. Step 2: About the heart that we trimmed is necessary to put its name, written in which is, imagined that it is his heart, that this glad, happy calm one, relaxed by far love and passion by the loved person it thinks about this by 6 minutes. Step 3: it puts two or three drops of the oil of roses and flowers on the paper, soon it puts the paper in bowl with the grass, puts drops of alcohol and that it to me. Soon it will appear the love, has patience.

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