Thursday, April 15, 2010

In order to enamor or to attract a person madly

- 1 red apple
- Paper butter
- red ink
- feather
- 4 petals of red rose (preferably)
- Red Bow

It cuts to two strips of paper butter and in one it writes your name with the red red pen with the other strip repeats the same, but with the name of the person that you want to enamor. Soon short the red apple in two and each beams a hole in which you will put a petal of rose, followed by the paper with your name, seal it with the second petal and you repeat the same in the other half but with the paper that the name of the person has which you want to attract.

Meetings two halves you unite and them with the bow, beams three knots and in accordance with you are that them doing you repeat three times: " (name of the person that we want to enamor) they see, and from now on only I (your name) estare in your heart. Kuarsum amardium that tonight the moon and the stars illuminate your soul and mia.". After this guards the apple under your bed and that same night to the 12 o'clock salts under the Full Moon (if it is possible), you return to repeat the words (3 times) and bury the apple in a humid place. This is due to realise to the dusk a day Friday

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