Thursday, April 15, 2010

Negative dates for the love in the gypsy magic

The Majoré gypsy, who felt to me to have transmitted little information, in a momentito in which I neglected, disappeared mysteriously of the room and in its return she jealously kept between its hands a very aged, yellowish slip of paper and ajado of as much consultation, I imagine; and which according to her, it could not be come off, since it had been flattered him by an aunt along with some special powers to make talismans and amulets for the love. In that almost sacred parchment Majoré kept those dates in which some with important decisions is not due to drive of way, avoiding to make spells, to travel, to buy properties, to sign contracts, to become operations, to marry, to have sexual relations with the purpose of it procreation, etc. - January: 1-2-6-14 and 27-February: 1-17 and 19-March: 11 and 26-April: 10-27 and 28-May: 11 and 12-June: 19-Julio: 18 and 21-August: 2-26 and 27-September: 10 and 18-October: 6-November: 6 and 17-December: 5-14 and 23

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