Monday, April 19, 2010

Spell against the addictions

This it is a spell against the addictions and the vices It secures to a bottle with tapa. fill half with apple vinegar and the other with the alcoholic drink or drugs that person. while consums does says with firmness: “that this vice becomes bitter and bitter in its mouth” soon it closes the bottle and sellela with sticky tape. Next it returns to take the container in his hands and sacudalo being repeated 7 times: “while the bottle remains closed, (name of afectad0 (a)) nonvolvera to fall in its addition” Before finalizing, it dampens a blessed water cotton and soon cleans the bottle with guardela in a secret place outside the reach of the addict one. it repeats the ritual 3 months later, not without first to desacer itself of the package, .para arrojelo to a river while it is concentrated in the quick recovery of the affected person

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