Monday, April 19, 2010

Spell of love of Aphrodite

Materials: It is needed: 2 consecrated small red candles, 2 consecrated small white candles, 1 oil of Aphrodite, sahumerios or incense of Aphrodite, 1 stock market of grass of Aphrodite, 1 figure of paper of red heart. Procedure: One is due to do after the fall of the sun, in a calm place and solitude. First to take two red candles and two small white candles, to pass the oil to them of Aphrodite to the four candles and to ignite them of the following form: a first red one thinking about attracting the person loved towards one, soon a white thinking that love is true, soon another red one thinking about soon attracting the loved person and the white thinking that love is the true one. Secondly: to take sahumerio from Aphrodite and to ignite it concentr? ndose in the powerful force of the love and the goddess. Third party to take stock-market from grass and on the inside to sprinkle it with the oil of Aphrodite. Quarter: to take the red heart and to write in him: " Aphrodite goddess of the love, envĂ­ame true amor". Fifth: to put the heart within stock-market of grass and oil and to leave it near the candles until these are consumed. Sixth: to keep stock-market in a safe place by 30 days. Soon to bury it Repetir the spell to the 60 and the 90 days.

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