Monday, April 19, 2010

Spell to find a a new job

Necessary material: The supplies of use that you have (cuts of newspapers, warnings, etc.), 1 small long cord, 1caja, 1vela green yJengibre.Preparación: It trims the supplies of work and colócalas all meetings (copy and keeps the separate information), átalas with the cord, so that they are in an end the papers and the rest is free. It ignites the green candle and colócala to your left. Put the supplies of work within the metallic box and ciérrala of way q the cord is outside. Put it in front of you to certain distance, but that the cord this a your reach to throw of. Pon a little ginger to your right. It thinks about the use that you wish and watch you obtaining it. You think while it, it throws of the cord until approaching the box so that this within reach of your hand. Open it and burning fire the supplies of work with the green candle, this way you would release the energy. It keeps the metallic box like amulet and llévala to your interviews from work.

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