Thursday, April 15, 2010

To know if you are victim of an eye evil or negative spell

You need a plate crystal, which is due to fill almost of water until the edge. In addition an oil butterfly or lamp is due to ignite (it is a small cork with wick that floats in oil). The plate with water is placed on the head of the person who wishes to know if some work is becoming him negative. The olive oil wets the forefinger of the right hand in a little where the night light floats and three drops in the central zone of the plate with water are put. If the drops are deposited in the central zone, without sinking neither to be divided in small others the more, the person he is free of bad influences. If the drops go away towards the sides of the plate, they are broken in smaller drops and they sink, then this person is being attacked of lagoon forms. I hope that it is to you of utility.

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