Monday, April 19, 2010

To obtain the perfect lover

Materials: Elements that you are going to need: 1 guards red cylindrical, 1 cent of the currency of your country, stock market of grass, a red tape, and squaring of red fabric, green tape. Procedure: First you must ignite the red candle, and have a currency, a cent close preferably. Secondly: To put the grass, the red tape and the currency within squared of fabric and with needle and a red thread you will have to sew it, soon to take it towards the heart while you repeat: " Venus, reigns of the love, divine creature, dame the lover that I look for and that it belongs to me, perfect he (or she) and perfect I, together will live in passion. Venus, reigns of the love, so sweet and warm, dame the lover who makes my eager nights and my days warm and beam that never aside from mí" Third party: mantén the fabric near your heart and thinks and concéntrese in which his lover is coming towards you, soon you tie the fabric with the green tape to close the spell. Finally: it takes with himself the spell and when póngalo underneath the pillow lies down. The lover will obtain who hopes.

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