Thursday, April 15, 2010

To wake up sexual desire in another one

Materials: It will be necessary: 1 guards red, 3 thread fibers of a color similar to the hair of the wished being, 1 botellita of the oil and 1 piece of paper. Procedure: The spell must at night be done Friday and. Very it is recommended to use with fianc2es or husbands who lost a little desire. First: to warm up a little the candle and to stick three threads to him to sew (if we obtained three hair of that person far better). Secondly: to take the candle between the hands and begins to think very firmly about the person visualizes to that person coming towards inflamed you in desire, and with passion, soon it visualizes to that person next to you in the attitude that you wish that you take. Third party: to take the oil and to put a little in the fingers, to pass it through the candle using sensual movements as if it was done his lover, while it continues imagining that you two are together Quarter: it pledges the candle and it directs a plegaria saying: " the love is sweet, desire is infinite as I caress this candle would want acariciarte and that your you caress to me, spirits of desire come now in my aid. Soon the name of its lover writes three times in the paper and that it to me in the flame of the candle whereas the paper burning fire is said in voice lowers to the name of its lover three times, it extinguishes the candle.

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