Friday, May 7, 2010

A Free Luck Spell

wondering magic bring to me, with this luck in life I need,
so all my angles can be seen, and in the future fulfill my dreams,
combined earth and fire, bring forth my hearts desire,
guardians of the sea, keep all harm from me.
This should be done while lighting 4 candles 1 at each side of you repeat the
above words 3 times to bring good luck and obtain your hearts desire.

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Magic Love Spells

You have to use the 4th Venus pentacle in The Key of Solomon. Write it on paper (after ceansing it) or copper and perform the rituals that are mentioned in the book.
After that, you will have to put it in a green silk bag and wear it around your neck. When you meet the girl (boy) you desire, just show it to her (him). This will make her (him) fall helplessley in [love] with you!

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Simple Love Spell by Witches Corner

A Simple White Candle Love Spell
The following love spell using a white candle is very easy to perform:

You need a virgin white candle that is thick enough to inscribe. A four inch alter style candle works well as it is easy to inscribe and small enough to watch as it burns completely away.
Place the candle in a candle holder on your alter. If you do not have an alter, a table top is fine.
Surround the candle with special objects that mean a lot to you and to the person you love. These precious things can be symbolic, such as a small seashell if you love the ocean, a flower petal of your favorite flower or a special word written on a piece of paper.
If you have access to a white rose or a white rose bush, take a thorn and inscribe the candle with it. Write the words All my love come to me three times on the candle. If you do not have a rose thorn, use the tip of a knife, a nail or a needle to inscribe the candle.
Place the candle back in the middle of the alter or table and light it.
Focus on the candle as it burns, visualizing the person coming to you with love. Keep visualizing and thinking about the person until the candle burns down completely.
Once the candle has burned away, place the wax puddle that is left and the objects surrounding the candle in a piece of white paper. Put the remains in a safe place.
The outcome of this candle love spell means the person will give you all the love they have for you. It could be more or less than you expected.

Ending the Love Spell
If the time comes that you no longer want the person to love you, take the love spell remains you wrapped in the white paper and dispose of them. You can do this in any manner you like such as burning the paper with its contents, burying it or simply throwing it away.

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Bring Back My Love Spell

This spell can be used to end an argument between friends or lovers.For this spell you will need these ingredients:Two white candlesA photograph or a drawing of your lover or friend (make sure he or she is alone in the photo - cut out or cover anyone else in the picture)A photograph of yourself smilingA chamomile tea bagA piece of blue materialAt exactly eight o'clock in the evening, light the candles and take a few deep breaths to relax you. Try to imagine a peaceful scene in your mind, perhaps a beautiful garden or waves rolling onto white sands. Now hold in your hand the picture of your lover or friend and repeat this chant:'With the light of the flameI'll light your desire,When I speak your nameYou'll feel the glow from my fire.The spell has been cast -So be it!'Say his or her name slowly three times, and then put your picture face down on top of his or her picture so that the two images are together. Wrap up the two pictures along with the chamomile tea bag, in blue cloth. Put the package in a safe place.To make sure your lover or friend gets the message, light the candles at eight o'clock each night and repeat his or her name three times.

Attraction Fire Love

For this spell you will

A charred piece of wood

Rose petals or apple blossoms

A piece of paper

Using the charred part of the stick as you would a

pencil, draw two interlinked
hearts on the paper as you

visualize yourself
enjoying a satisfying relationship.

Hold the rose petals in your projective hand and send fiery,

loving energies into
them. Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts.

Wrap the paper around the petals. Still visualizing, throw the

package into a fire.
(Failing this, light it in the flame of a red

candle and throw into a
heat-proof container.) As it burns, the power is released.

Remember not to think of anyone particular while doing this spell!

This could be very
dangerous and very harmful to your feelings and

the feelings of others.

Spell to Keep a Lover

Sprinkle licorice

over your spouse or

lovers footprints. Place
a handful of marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed where your lover
or spouse sleeps. Or add cumin to the food you both consume.

Another spell to keep your lover
faithful is:

Prepare a small drawstring pouch
in a dark color. Fill it with licorice herb, dried and ground unicorn root, a
handful of marigolds, fresh rosemary and dried cumin. Place the bag under your
lover's side of the bed and s/he will remain faithful.

Feel Your Own Power

It is important to witness the fact that

power is real. When you stand in line at
the store look down the checkout aisle and find someone who is daydreaming.
Put out the thought "Look around!" When you do this regularly, you will
find more and more often the person whom you are attempting to reach will, in
fact be affected and will turn around to stare at you.

Use Witchcraft to Help Yourself

Each of us have a different stress
level. Your operational best stress level occurs when the whole you is
working toward an objective. The most important concept for optimum health
is to ensure that your life is balanced between the goals of the

psychic and the drives of
the body. For every little step that you take toward your objective, reward
yourself with some outside pleasurable experience. Stress is a main cause
of death, and although the death certificate doesn't say a word about it, stress
is a key factor when it comes to most illnesses. Make sure that you give
yourself reasonable time to accomplish goals. Doing so will will kill you

Soul Mate Love Spell

This spell should works best on waxing moon.

You will need:

-Paper and pen

-gold heart locket

-four-leaf clover

-amethyst stone

-rose quartz stone

-pink ribbon

-flower petals (works best with rose petals)

-gold chain

Write on the paper the qualities that you are looking for in a partner. Once
you've finished, read it aloud, then fold the paper into quarters and tie the
pink ribbon around it in a bow. Place the amethyst on the paper, above the bow,
and the rose quartz below the bow. The four-leaf clover goes inside the heart
locket, and place the locket on the middle of the bow. Place the gold chain in a
circle around the paper. Then, sprinkle the flower petals on top of the paper
while saying:

'I conjure thee,

I conjure thee,

I'm the queen,

You're the bee,

As I desire,

So shall it be.' x 2